A Personal Development
and Coaching Program
Designed Exclusively
for Women Over 50

. . . who are ready to move on from the ordinary
and learn how to create EXTRAORDINARY
in themselves and their lives.

Because the best really is yet to come!

  Are you ready to . . .

Let go of surviving midlife
and start thriving instead?

Stop settling for what life gives you
and start creating the life you want?

Discover who you are now beyond being
someone's wife, mom, or your career titles?

Give yourself permission to unapologetically
make yourself a priority and start focusing
on your needs, wants, and dreams?

Leave invisibility behind and step off the
sidelines as the amazing woman you really are?

Look at your future and instead of asking,
"Now what?" you say, "I know what and I got this!"

This program is your answer
to the questions, doubts, and fears

that have kept you stuck and struggling
for far too long.

It is simple and it is powerful.

You do not want to spend the
rest of your life regretting
what you did not do now.

 It's time for you to step out
of the ordinary and into an


The program that will teach you all the principles, tools, and techniques to change the way you experience yourself and your life in a proven 4-Step Method:

Step 1:

Renew Your Mind

  • MODULE 1: Why You Do What You Do. 
    You develop the ability to manage your feelings, choose how you want to feel in every situation, and create your own happiness! 
  • MODULE 2: Your Extraordinary Mind
    Harness the power of your thoughts to transform yourself and create the life you want with increased awareness and a powerful mindset framework tool.
  • MODULE 3: Personal Discovery 
    Uncover the thoughts, beliefs, and programs that have shaped you and continue to influence your life. Align with the inner knowing, assurance, and security that you are enough just the way you are.

Step 2:

Reinvent Yourself

  • MODULE 4: Your Self-Relationship.
    Strengthen your identity and personal power by building a healthy and strong relationship with the most influential person in your life . . . YOU!
  • MODULE 5: The Secret to Confidence.
    Learn the keys to confidence and self-confidence so you can apply their transformative power to become the confident woman you've always wanted to be!
  • MODULE 6: Your New Identity. 
    The external transformation of connecting who you now are on the inside with how you look, dress, and move on the outside. You'll express yourself, inside and out, with authenticity and style.

Step 3:

Redesign Your Life

  • MODULE 7:¬†Intentional Creation.
    Activate your brain and the power of your senses to deliberately achieve results, create the life you want, and become the woman you want to be.
  • MODULE 8:¬†Living by Design.
    Embrace a new level of discipline and empowering habits to improve how you manage yourself, your efforts, your surroundings, and your life.
  • MODULE 9: Elevated Living.¬†

    Live the most empowered and affluent version of yourself as you design your time, your day, and your life seeing yourself as worthy of all the richness and abundance life has to offer.

Step 4:

Reimagine Your Future

  • MODULE 10: The Power of Dreams & Desires.
    Honor your desires and give yourself permission to dream. Whether it's to dream again or dream bigger dreams, it's time to dream for you and take hold of the power you have to create your reality.
  • MODULE 11: Extraordinary Vision.
    Discover how to get from where you are to where you want to be by designing a new vision for your life. With extraordinary vision, the future is yours.
  • MODULE 12: Live Your Extraordinary. 
    Step into living your truth as the woman you're meant to be, boldly embrace your potential, live in the present with intention, focus on the power of your future, and confidently live your extraordinary!

The program is life changing
but the most gorgeous
thing about it is the
woman you become
in the process. 

Because it’s more than the end result
when you complete the program.

With each step of this program,
you grow, expand, and elevate
in ways you would not
experience any other way. 

You're NOT too old
and it's NOT too late.

Your journey to extraordinary
is just one click away!


It starts with scheduling your Discovery Session.


A Beautiful, Powerful, and Life-Changing Program!

All this and so much more!

Everything you need for midlife transformation,
empowerment, and personal success.

  • The 4-Step Method in 12 Modules -¬†Each Module includes three lesson videos that help you learn, understand, and embrace the teachings. Complete the modules at your own pace - one module a week or one each month.

  • Over 40 Lesson Videos -¬†These are the core of the program where you learn life-changing concepts and powerful principles, as well as tools and techniques to apply what you learn. Beautifully designed videos that are educating, inspiring, and motivating.

  • Lesson Assignments - Each lesson has an assignment with printable handouts, worksheets, journal prompts, and/or challenges.¬†Helps you to dive deep into what you learn in the lessons to study, practice, and apply the teachings to transform you and your life.¬†

  • 12 One-on-One Weekly Coaching Sessions - To set you¬†on your path to create momentum, results, and success, you'll meet with Deborah in 12 weekly private 60-minute coaching sessions.¬†

  • 12 Months of Group Mastermind Sessions - This is where the mastermind aspect of the program comes in. In addition to your 12 private coaching sessions, you also have access to one year¬†of group Mastermind sessions. Held online twice a week and scheduled 90 minutes, these sessions combine the synergy of Q&A and peer mentoring, with the continued training and support from Deborah. Sessions are recorded and posted for those who cannot attend live or want to re-watch a session.

  • Create Your Extraordinary Midlife Mastermind Facebook Group - There's nothing like the power of connection and communication between women who are on similar journeys. As a member of the private group, you'll¬† feel safe, comfortable, supported, and inspired.

  • Create Your Extraordinary 90-Day Planner -¬†In this program, we work on reaching goals and realizing dreams 90 days at a time. Your first printed copy of the Create Your Extraordinary 90-Day Planner is included with enrollment and shipped directly to you. It's a beautiful planner designed to help you take action, stay on track, and achieve success in the program. After your first 90-days, you can purchase additional copies or print your own my using the PDF link on the program page.¬†
  • All Bonuses, Content Additions, and Updates - The program includes access to all new trainings, courses, and workshops. You are always kept up-to-date with changes or anything new.
  • Unlimited Lifetime 24/7 Access to the Program -¬†Once you enroll, you have immediate and lifetime access to the program. Distances, time zones, and schedules are irrelevant because as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to the program online.¬†


Like you, I am a woman in midlife.

I get it and I get you because I've been where you are.

I understand what it's like to reach this stage of life where so many things have changed. You feel like you've lost yourself, you're unfulfilled, you don't know how to make yourself a priority, and only see a blank screen when you try to look into your future. You know there's more for you and your life but not sure where or how to start.

As a former corporate marketing and advertising exec, turned SAHM of 9 (yes, nine children), then mom-in-law and grandma, I know what it's like to reach a point in life when you ask, "Now what? Who am I? What do I really want? Am I too old? Is it too late?"

Over the last 10 years, I've worked with women from all walks of life and all parts of the world. As a certified Life Empowerment Coach and Mentor, I am passionate about sharing the steps I learned and took to transform myself and my life. I want to shorten the learning curve for you to embrace midlife reinvention empowered with purpose,  confident, and excited for the future.

Because the best really is yet to come!

A program designed for midlife women to . . .

Guide, support, and encourage you on your path to midlife reinvention.

Feel happier, more confident, and embrace this time of your life.

Live your purpose and achieve your potential.

Live a life you love that engages, inspires, and fulfills you.

Create a beautiful and motivating vision for your future.

Are You Ready to
Create Your Extraordinary?

This is your opportunity to stop the cycle of
being stuck, disappointed, and unfulfilled.

Fast-track your journey to becoming
the woman you're meant to be,
live a life you love, and
create a future that excites you.

It's starts with scheduling
your Discovery Session! 

Your Discovery Session 

How does this work?

A Discovery Session is an opportunity for us to meet, answer your questions, talk about where you currently are, and what you want to achieve. 

The goal of the session is to help you and I decide if this program and working together is the best next step.

Just click on the link box to be taken to the scheduling page. Choose an available day and time to schedule a Discovery Session that works for you.

If you're like all the women I work with, this will be the beginning of a beautiful partnership and the best investment you make!



  • Immediate and unlimited 24/7 access to full program¬†(no waiting for modules to be released).
  • Over 40 lesson videos.
  • Lesson assignments with printable handouts, worksheets, journal prompts, and challenges.
  • 12 Private 1:1 Weekly Coaching Sessions¬†
  • 12 Months of Online Group Mastermind Sessions held twice a week.
  • 12 Months Private Facebook Group Membership.
  • First printed copy of the Create Your Extraordinary 90-Day Planner.
  • All bonuses, content additions, and updates.

 Total Value = $12,500
Regular Price = $5,000

 Your Price


 (Payment plan available upon request.)


Your results in this program
are important to me.
You’re not in this alone.

We start where you are, then I teach, coach,
and encourage you every step of the way.

But it's up to you
to take the next step. 
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What women are saying about working with 


Deborah has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. The program all around has been life changing and has given me tools to create the life I have always wanted.

-Aurora B.


Deborah's program and coaching helped me take my life back. I can honestly say I've never been happier in the present and more excited for my future. 

-Dawnielle H.



This program has provided an opportunity to further explore my potential as a woman in midlife.

-Stephanie G.

You have questions?
Here are answers . . .

Take your first step to extraordinary.